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1. Learners will close on 18 March 2020 whilst teachers will close on 20 March 2020.

2. Schools will reopen on 14 April 2020 for both learners and teachers.

3. The school calendar will be amended in order to recover the academic program.

4. Schools are encouraged to develop Academic Recovery Programs (ARPs) to compensate for the lost teaching and learning time.

5. Grade 12 Autumn Vacation Classes for underperforming schools and other planned, extra classes, academic enrichment programs and camps are cancelled with immediate effect across the system.

6. All school based and non-school based activities that require a gathering of more than 100 learners must be either scaled down, suspended or postponed until further notice and approval should be sought prior implementation of such. To this effects the upcoming national athletics championships and ELSEN Games are postponed until further notice.

7. Learners should be given school work to do at home and parents are requested to help them.

8. Learners in boarding public schools should be sent home.

Admission of Learners for 2020

The Mpumalanga Department of Education takes this time to make a clarion call to all parents to register their children of school going age for the 2020 school year from 02 May 2019 to 30 August 2019.

Early registration of learners enable schools to plan in advance and to commence with teaching and learning on the first day of school re-opening.

Parents are required by law to produce the following documents as requirements for registration:
• An application form from the school;
• Official birth certificate of the child;
• Proof of immunization;
• A transfer card if a learner transfers from one public school to another;
• The last report card issued by the previous school.

No learner can be refused admission on the basis that his/her parents are unable to pay school fees.

Learners with special disabilities must also be admitted to schools in line with the dictates of White Paper No 6.

Should a parent experience a problem regarding the registration of a child to a school, he/she should request a written explanation from the principal or contact the nearest circuit office for assistance or call the departmental toll free line at 0800 203 116 during office hours.


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