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MEC Profile

Mrs Elsie Mmathulare Coleman



Mrs Elsie Mmathulare Coleman was born on the 15 August 1966 and is married with one daughter.

She currently holds the position of MEC for Education, Mpumalanga


She is trained in Military Secret Guerrilla Warfare and Secret Communications, and specialised in Communication in the then USSR. In 1992 she headed the then Eastern Transvaal ANC Health and Welfare Desk.

She is a devoted Member of the ANC Women’s League and through this organisation became a member of the Mpumalanga Legislature as an ANC Representative from 1994.

From 1994 to 1999 she acted as a Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee on Local Government concurrently with a role as a member of the Portfolio Committee on Rules for Members of the Provincial Legislature.

During the same period, she served as a member of the Portfolio Committees on Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture, and internal arrangements and as a member of the Portfolio Committee on Programming and Prioritisation.

Coleman assisted as an alternate member of the Portfolio Committee on Accounts from 1994 to 1999.

In 1998 -1999 she took up the position of being the ANC Chief Whip at the Mpumalanga Legislature. She served as the Secretary of the Mpumalanga Legislature Women’s Caucus from 1994 to 1999

In June of 1999 she was deployed to the position of MEC for Social Services, Population and Development until August of 2003.
She was appointed ANC Provincial Deputy Secretary

a responsibility she held until March 2005. She was elected into the Provincial Executive Committee (PEC) of the ANC.

In September 2003 she was appointed MEC for Health until April 2004 where she was deployed to Mpumalanga Department of Finance as the MEC.

She was a Chairperson of the Mpumalanga Budget and Finance Committee until the Cabinet reshuffle on 14 May 2008

Currently Chairperson of the Mpumalanga Executive Council Committee on Economy, Investment and Employment

She assumed the duty of MEC for Education, Mpumalanga on 15 May 2008.


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South Africa

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