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Cabinet Media Statement

02 May 2013

The Mpumalanga Cabinet held its ordinary meeting today [Thursday, 02 May 2013] which was attended by Women, Children and People with Disability Deputy Minister Hendrietta Bogopane-Zulu.

The deputy minister introduced a new national campaign called ZAZI which will be launched in the province later this month.

Zazi Campaign

Cabinet welcomed an initiative by Deputy Minister Hendrietta Bogopane-Zulu  of assisting government in the fight against HIV and AIDS in the province.
According to Deputy Minister Bogopane-Zulu, the ZAZI Campaign is meant to achieve zero new HIV and AIDS, TB infections and deaths due to TB and HIV and AIDS. It is also meant to reduce the percentage of young women engaging in sexual relationships with older partners.

This campaign by young women for young women will also be aimed at reducing the numbers of young women who experience gender-based violence, rape and sexual abuse.

The ZAZI campaign will be launched in Gert Sibande District Municipality which has a high HIV and AIDS prevalence amongst young women due to intergenerational sex.

A task team to be led by Mpumalanga Provincial Administration’s Dr Nonhlanhla Mkhize will comprise of representatives from the deputy minister’s office, district and local government municipalities to prepare for the launch scheduled for 25 May this year.

Mpumalanga Premier David Mabuza committed the provincial government that it would support the campaign with the help of the traditional leaders and Aids Councils in the province.

“We are grateful to the Deputy Minister for considering launching this national campaign in our province. Indeed we are in the middle of a crisis where things are falling apart. Surely we cannot have one solution, people are dying.
“Unless we stand up and make a difference, this province will be a different place in the next 10 years, if things are left to unfold the way they are happening.
“We are not thumb-sucking the issues of intergenerational sex in Gert Sibande, it is backed by statistics, young girls are infected and are indeed dying,” said Premier Mabuza.

The visit to Dr J S Moroka Municipality

The executive council has planned a week-long outreach programme to Dr J S Moroka Municipality scheduled for mid-May and Cabinet was briefed on the socio-economic profile of the municipality.

Although the profile did not draw a total gloom picture, Cabinet was satisfied with some of the strides that had been by government.

Cabinet‘s visit will take stock of the impact made by government since its last visit in year 2011. The visit will also assist government to comprehensively assess itself in terms of responding to the issues raised by the people then.

Progress report on the implementation of the computerised learner licence and queue management system

Cabinet also noted progress on the implementation of the computerised learner licence and queue management system by the Department of Community Safety, Security and Liaison that it was bearing fruits.

This is the provincial government’s proactive way of ensuring that there is no corruption at the traffic centres and that the citizens do not stand on long queues to get assistance in getting driving documents.

According to information provided by the Department of Community Safety, Security and Liaison, the management of queues had improved. The average waiting periods at the traffic centres was now between 5 to 11 minutes.

The system now enhances accountability because it assists managers to monitor waiting periods for clients, and the number of clients attended by each counter per day.

With the system, clients were now assisted sited on provided chairs and not standing. The system also enhances safety, because the bar codes on the tickets were the only access to the operating areas.

Mpumalanga Provincial Government Asset Management Policy Framework

Cabinet also approved the provincial government asset management policy framework as one the matters that would assist departments to get clean audits from the Auditor-general.

The framework is but one proactive way of ensuring that government assets are safeguarded and that departments will be able to demonstrate their resources to the Auditor-General through registers.

On a number of occasions many provincial departments have had matters of emphasis from the Auditor-General on matters of assets as they have the lists of assets as compared to having asset registers.

Cabinet urged the department to migrate from the asset lists to the asset registers. It further tasked the provincial Department of Finance to give workshops to chief financial officers and senior managers as well give support to the municipalities.


Cabinets approved the following appointments;

  1. Mr ED Awogu – appointed Chief Director: People’s Housing Process [Department of Human Settlements]
  2. Mr U M Okon – appointed Senior Manager: Programme Management [Department of Public Works Roads and Transport]
  3. Mr F A Mkhabela – appointed Senior Manager: Real Estate [Department of Public Works Roads and Transport]
  4. Ms PC Zulu – appointed Senior Manager: Planning and Design [Department of Public Works]
  5. Mr M L Nemakonde – appointed Senior Manager: Road Construction [Department of Public Works Roads and Transport]

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