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16 March 2015

Mpumalanga Premier has called for the Stenford village outside Hazyview to be provided with government RDP houses following the appalling conditions they are living in.

Mabuza visited the area on Friday [13 March 2015] to hand over two houses of his Kancane Kancane initiative of reaching out to those individuals who have not been able to receive the RDP housing allocation from government.

Handing the houses to the two destitute families of Mabuza and Mavimbela respectively, the Premier felt the whole village needed to be provided with RDP houses, as the situation was dire for all the households nearby.

He called on the provincial government to work with Mbombela Local Municipality to ensure that village which is a portion of land situated in between Mbombela and Bushbuckridge municipalities was provided with RDP houses.

“In as much as I am here to hand over the two houses to these families, it is clear that all the homes in this village do not have houses, I want my office to work with Mbombela Municipality and ensure that something is done speedily.
“It is touching nevertheless to see the rest of the villagers coming to celebrate with these two families regardless of their similar situation. As I was driving around, I could see that almost every household does not have a house, we must do something urgently,” said Mabuza.

Handing over a house to an unemployed 56-year old and single mother of nine children, Ms Julia Mabuza, who survives on social grants, the Premier said she was fortunate that the rains that would come, will never find her as she now had shelter for herself and her children.

The Premier instructed the social workers that Ms Mabuza’s children be taken to a clinic for treatment as they did not look healthy.

Appreciating the house from the Premier, an elated Ms Mabuza was also not shy to ask the Premier for a toilet saying the lack of toilet at her home troubled her especially when she had to go to other people’s homes to request to use it.

Ms Mabuza had been looking after her children ever since her husband died some many years ago and had been surviving on social grants.

“If it was not for my neighbours who had always been supporting me, I would have long died before I could see this house. I am grateful for the house, but I would appreciate if the Premier could also assist us with a toilet,” she said.

Handing over another house at a Mavimbela family of five children in the same vicinity, which had been living in a one-roomed mud house for the rest of their lives, the Premier humbly requested the deprived family to stop getting more children, as their situation was also terrible.

He was shocked that the mother of the family, a 37-year old and her 17-year old daughter who stopped school in grade 4 both had small babies respectively.

“We do not have a problem with you having babies, the challenge is when children are hungry, it becomes a problem for all of us including the government. Your daughter should go back to school and get education,” said Mabuza.

The Premier further appreciated the sponsors of the houses, Moedi Chattered Accountants, saying they displayed the spirit of Ubuntu who spent more than R300 000 for both houses.

Issued by Zibonele Mncwango
Spokesperson: Mpumalanga Premier
Mpumalanga Provincial Government
Office of the Premier
Tel: (013) 766 2453
Mobile: 079 491 0163
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