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Premier Mabuza casts a vote at a farming community and commits to bridge gap between leaders and people

07 May 2014

Mpumalanga Premier David Mabuza casted his vote at Lincoln Farm with other farming communities just outside Barberton near his home today [07 May 2014] and committed that government would in its next mandate ensure that it closes the gap between the leaders and the people.

He explained that most service delivery protests in Mpumalanga were caused by a distance created between the leaders and the people, and government will strengthen its relations with the people.

“Our province later became stable because we had to go down to the people and explain why certain things were not happening, and we come back into power again we will ensure that we improve on this one,” said Mabuza.

Voting in the fifth general democratic elections, Premier Mabuza said it was a good feeling which reminded him where South Africa was coming from.

“Before 1994, everything looked impossible; the split that was there on racial lines is settling down, we are tolerating each other very well. We are learning to live together without intimidating each other.
“It is encouraging to see the farm owners releasing their employees to come and exercise their democratic right to choose their government. By exercising this right, we are respecting the efforts of our former leaders who brought this country together. As leaders we should take our people forward regardless of the parties or positions we occupy by ensuring that we deliver the services as expected,” said Mabuza.

He said the ruling party would continue where it left off as he was confident that it would again be voted into power by the majority of the South Africans.

Mabuza was later seen interacting with various political party agents saying they should help the elderly in voting for their preferred political parties.

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