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Mpumalanga Premier-elect commits not to fail Mpumalanga citizens

21 May 2014

Mpumalanga Premier-elect David Mabuza has committed not to fail the citizens of Mpumalanga.

Giving his acceptance speech today [Wednesday, 21 May 2014] at the provincial legislature after being elected as Mpumalanga Premier, Mabuza said he would not fail the citizens, but that in doing his work, he would represent everyone regardless of their votes.

“As the ANC, we are humbled by the trust and the respect shown to us by the people of Mpumalanga to continue to lead their government. Their trust is not misplaced and we thank them for going out in large numbers to exercise their democratic right to choose their preferred government,” said Mabuza.

He said the country’s democracy was maturing.

“As we sit here to start our business, we will consider all the concerns and challenges raised by the people during they told us during the campaigns. Indeed we are humbled by the trust and respect they have given us,” said Mabuza.

He said the new administration would focus more on human settlement, job creation, water and electricity provision, and job creation

Mabuza’s inauguration as the Premier is expected to take place sometime next week and he would subsequently announces the new executive council. He said he was likely to retain some of the hardworking members of the executive from the previous administration.

Meanwhile Ms Thandi Shongwe was elected as the Speaker of the Mpumalanga Legislature.

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