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Office of the Premier

The Premier is the head of the Mpumalanga Government. The Premier has the authority to:

  • Agree to and sign bills,
  • Refer bills to Provincial Parliament and the Constitutional Court to ensure that they are in line with the Constitution,
  • Summon the Provincial Parliament to an extraordinary sitting for special or urgent business,
  • Appoint commissions of inquiry, and
  • Call for referendums in the Mpumalanga province in line with national legislation.
  • To support the Premier in discharging the Executive Authority of the Province;
  • To render support services to the Premier;
  • To provide executive support services to the Premier and the Executive Council;
  • To provide support services to the Director-General in his capacity as the accounting officer of the Office of the Premier, including, inter alia, administrative services, human resource management services, legal advisory services and labour relations services;
  • To drive the Macro Policy and Planning Services for the Province;
  • To ensure operational efficiency, corporate compliance and communication;
  • To monitor the implementation of policy guidelines in relation to target groups;
  • To conduct internal audits and special investigations;
  • To manage the financial matters of the Office of the Premier; and
  • To manage and co-ordinate protective security in general within the Province
Service Delivery Environment

The National Development Plan as localised through the Mpumalanga Vision 2030 Strategic Implementation Framework; the Public Finance Management Act (PFMA) and the White Paper on Transforming Public Service Delivery 1997 (Batho Pele) the Batho Pele Revitalization Strategy and the Public Service Regulations, 2016 are the key instruments shaping the Service Delivery Environment of the Office of the Premier. In addition to those frameworks and legislation, other policy mandates such as the National Strategic Outcomes approach based on Outcome 11 and Outcome 12, are also adhered to.

The core deliverables of the Office of the Premier include executing the following Programmes:

  • Integrated planning;
  • Monitoring and Evaluation;
  • Institutional Transformation; and
  • Strengthening the co-ordination of prioritised Provincial Programmes.
Service Delivery Improvement Plan

The Office has completed a Service Delivery Improvement Plan (SDIP). Below are the main services and standards enumerated in the SDIP and the achievements to date.

  1. Main services and standards

    • Effective and efficient implementation of performance management system in the Mpumalanga Provincial Government
    • Co-ordinate the monitoring and evaluation of the performance of Provincial Government structures and its strategic partnerships for public service delivery, social development and economic growth.

  2. Batho Pele arrangements with beneficiaries (Consultation access etc.)

    • Co-ordinate, workshop and monitor 11 Departments and the Office of the Premier, and 12 Municipalities on Batho Pele Change Management Engagement Programme
    • Co-ordinate and review Service Standards in 11 Departments and the Office of the Premier and 12 Municipalities
    • Co-ordinate the submission of quarterly reports on the Implementation of SDIPs (2015-2018) for 11 Departments and Office of the Premier
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