Mpumalanga Provincial Government refutes claims of arrest of Head of Department

25 February 2022

The Mpumalanga Provincial Government rejects claims which suggest that the Provincial Head of the Health Department is arrested. Such claims were disseminated through Social Media posts and further shared in some media platforms.

The Provincial Government expresses concern about the baseless story. In light of this, the government wishes to set the record straight that the position of the Head of Health Department is vacant, and an Acting Head was appointed. The position of the government is that the vacancy will only be filled through the normal recruitment process, and any information which suggests otherwise, should be treated as falsehood.

The government warns social media users to refrain from sending false and misleading information, as this constitute a serious offence.


Issued by the Mpumalanga Provincial Government

(A) Provincial Government’s Spokesperson: George Mthethwa
Tel: (013) 766 2242
Mobile: 083 302 2774
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