Mpumalanga: an illustrated history

About this book

In 2005, the Mpumalanga Provincial Government initiated a Heritage Project aimed at rediscovering the province’s past, and using this to inform its contemporary identity and development. This project resulted in the publication of Mpumalanga: History and Heritage (2007), a major work written by a team of researchers led by Professor Peter Delius of the University of the Witwatersrand.

In 2008, the Mpumalanga Provincial Governmen facilitated the publication of a shorter and more accessible version entitled Mpumalanga: An Illustrated History (The Highveld Press), written by Peter Delius and Michelle Hay.

This book has since been translated into Sindebele and Siswati. The English and Sindebele versions are available on this website, and the Siswati version will be uploaded shortly.

You can page through the chapters by clicking and dragging on the page corners. You can also click once on the page and then use your cursor keys to move backwards and forwards through the chapter.