Risk management strategy
Mpumalanga school library policy
Mpumalanga department of education travel and accommodation policy
Draft Departmental Transport policy
Bereavement policy
Comments on the policy on learner
Mpumalanga department of education procurement policy.pdf
Policy on Managing Programme
Policy for procurement supply maintanance and retrieval of ltsm
Examinations security policy
Grade R early childhood development policy
MDOE travel and accommodation policy
Policy on Managing Programme
Provincial policy framework on remunerative work outside employment
Sign Provincial Bursary Policy
Transport policy
Human Resource Development Policy Vol. 1
Human Resource Development Policy Vol 2
Gifts, Donations and Sponsorship Policy
Risk Management Policy
Provincial Bursary Policy for External Clients
South African Schools Act 84 of 1996
Employment of Educators Act 76 of 1998
Further Education And Training Act 98 of 1998
South African Council For Educators Act 31 of 2000
Education Labour Relations Council (ELRC)
General Legislation
General Documents
Fraud Prevention Policy
Bursary policy
Regulation for ABET
Whistle blowing policy
Mpumalanga Regional Training Trust Bill (no. Of 2005)
National Policy On The Conduct, Administration And Management Of The Assessment Of The Senior Certificate
Title - Policy Handbook for Educators
National Education Policy Act 27 of 1996

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