Local Donors
Project NameDonor CountryDuration Description
Management of the Mpumalanga Education Development Trust (MEDT) activitiesBusiness Enterprise OngoingMEDT is a co-operation between the private sector and government to advance educational interests in Mpumalanga (Public Private Partnership in education). The main thrust of MEDT is to assist the MDE to implement prioritised projects in capacity building and infrastructure development. This partnership was started in 1997 and the engagement is ongoing.
The READ ProjectBusiness Trust 2000 - 2005MEDT cut down on its activities in 2000, because of leadership problems within the Department. Since then, MEDT has not been fully operational as required by its Trust Deed.
Shoma ProjectMulti Choice 1999 and ongoingREAD Education Trust is implementing this project. It uses reading as a tool to reduce the number of learners who repeat a class. It is implemented in three districts, Moretele, Malelane and Eerstehoek
Maths Centre for Professional Teachers (MCPT) ProgrammeMCPT 1998 and ongoingOffers a Support and Continuity programme and a Learner Progression Programme for Maths teachers and learners plus an Early Childhood Care and Development Programme

Interational Donors
Project NameDonor CountryDuration Description
Mpumalanga Secondary Science Initiative (MSSI)Japan Phase 1: 1999 - 2003The purpose of MSSI is to improve secondary school teachers’ operational knowledge of Mathematics and Science so that they can assist learners to attain predetermined learning outcomes. It seeks to establish a school-based model of educator development and support. It is implemented via the Curriculum Directorate (further details will be provided by the implementing directorate).
The Japanese Overseas Corporation Volunteers Project (JOCV)Japan 2002 - 2006This intervention involves the Japanese Volunteers who are deployed in Mpumalanga to support the implementation of Math’s and Science within the auspices of the MSSI. So far 7 volunteers have been received and 4 more will arrive in August 2004.
The Japanese School building project.Japan 2002 - 2004This is a Japanese Grant Aid project, which is co-ordinated by the National Department. The project involves the building of 20 Primary and Secondary schools
Canada South African Teacher Development Project (CSATDP)Canada 2000 - 2005The project focuses on the implementation of OBE at the Foundation Phase and Inclusive Education. Implementation started in Standerton and 80 schools are involved in the project.
USA Peace Corps VolunteersUnited States of America 1997 and ongoingThis is a co-operation between the RSA and the US whereby volunteers are serving school communities in the three regions. The project started in 1997 and up to now more than 100 volunteers have been deployed to education at 2-year contracts.
South Africa Teacher Development ProjectFinnish Government 2000 - 2004This project target: