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Notice to all businesses

Report Corruption at 0800 701 701

  1. A call is made by a person representing a “government department” and he/she inform the service provider that work or a tender has been granted to him or her (without him or her having submitted a quotation or a bid)
  2. The service provider soon receive an order by fax, attached to an official covering letter.
  4. Following the “order” the scam representative calls and tells the service provider to approach a certain supplier who could assist him or her to deliver the requested service, details of such a supplier are given to him or her by that scam representative.
  5. The service provider who got the work from government is required to pay into the account of unknown supplier ( a person who has been recommended to help him/her to render the required service), a deposit. These two people never met and they don't know one another. Deals were concluded telephonically.
  6. As a result of this the service provider is having a  fraudulent order, denied by the department as authentic government document and therefore cannot claim any payment he or she might have lost in the process.
  7. The service provider is now robbed of his / her cash deposited to unknown person.
  9. Always verify the validity of the calls and correspondences pretending to be from a government department, if they are really from a government department. Note that the government strictly follows procurement processes. No tender is without a bid process or a quotation system followed.
  10. For further enquiry and assistance please don't hesitate to call:
    Integrity Management Unit, Office of the Premier
    JM. Mndawe
    013 766 2160 

This message is brought to you by the Integrity Management Unit, Office of the Premier.