Welcome to the Mpumalanga Provincial Government
How do I get government information?
  • Provincial Government Information and Services can be obtained on the departmental websites which can be accessed through the Provincial Website
  • Government Services website contains all government services with procedures on how to obtain a service.
  • Government Information website contains information about South African government and  government related organisations.
  • Thusong Centres are a primary vehicle for the implementation of development communication and information, to integrate government services into primarily-rural communities. This was done to address historical, social and economic factors which limited access to information, services and participation by citizens, as they had to travel long distances to access these services.
  • Heads of Communication contact details for each department, districts and municipalities in the province.
What are Communication Clusters and how are they structured?

Clusters are sub-committees of the Executive Council. They are clustered into departments that have related mandates to foster integration and eradicate duplication of service delivery.

How does Provincial Legislature work?

Provincial legislature provide a forum for the public consideration and debate of issues of provincial importance, while overseeing the work of provincial government departments and for calling their MECs to account for their actions. See the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa.

Who are the Executive Members of Council and how can they be contacted?

Current Members of the Executive Council, their offices can be contacted during working hours from 07h45 to 16h15.

Where do I find employment opportunities?

Mpumalanga Provincial Government Advertises work opportunities on the mainstream media and on government circular.

More Frequently Asked Questions

Follow this link https://www.gov.za/faq