Welcome to the Mpumalanga Provincial Government

Vision and Mission


Towards a strategic centre for co-operative and good governance in Mpumalanga Province.

The significant strides made are the cumulative efforts of management and staff of the Office of the Premier led by the exemplary and dynamic leadership of the Director-General who has been singularly focused on realizing co-operative and good governance that serves as a yardstick for all other Government institutions in the Province.

To give effect to the vision of the Office of the Premier, the targets as contained in the Mission Statement of the Office of the Premier have received deserved attention.


To ensure equitable transformation and enhancement of the image of the Mpumalanga Provincial Government through the provision of advice and information, co-ordination, monitoring and support services.

The Mission Statement of the Office of the Premier dictated the peace at which the Director-General led both the transformation and good governance agendas in the Province. To translate the Mission Statement into tangible deliverables, the following programmes were undertaken:

  • Provision of secretariat and administrative services to the Premier, the Executive Council and the functions of the Director-General.
  • Development and co-ordination of policy processes within the Provincial Government.
  • Rendering of corporate services functions such as Labour Relations, Human Resource Development, Workstudy and Job Evaluation in the Office of the Premier.
  • Management of the intra- and inter-Governmental relations and protocol.
  • Development and management of a coherent and co-ordinated Government communication system.
  • Rendering of Legal Advisory Services to the Provincial Government.
  • Improvement of internal controls to ensure good governance, sound financial management and credible personnel records.
  • Development and maintenance of Provincial macro policies and strategies.
  • Facilitation, implimentation, monitoring and evaluation of National transformation frameworks and policies.

Cognisance was taken at all times to assure that all activities of the Office of the Premier would enrich and enhance the following priorities as determined by the Provincial Executive Council:

  • Economic growth, which will result in Job Creation.
  • Efficient and Effective Administration.
  • Efficient and Effective Financial Management.
  • Integrated Development and Planning.