Welcome to the Mpumalanga Provincial Government

About the Provincial logo

The logo has been designed to bring together key elements of the province both in its iconic representation and colour. 

The brand architecture creates visual links with the other agencies responsible for marketing the province and the colour palate used is common to all three entities i.e. MPG, MTPA and MEGA.

  • The Three Rondawels represent the scenic beauty and environmental leadership of the province.
  • The Sun represents the new dawn, the pioneering attitude of the people of Mpumalanga and the warmth they exude.  The province’s climate, power, growth potential and natural resource abundance.
  • The Colour Green represents the rich and fertile agricultural fields of the province.
  • The Yellow Colour is emphasises that this is the province of the rising sun and thus warm.  Also that there is reach mineral wealth.  Gold was discovered in the province long before its discovery in the Witwatersrand in 1886. The
  • The black of the typography represents the coal reserves and power generation.

Correct use of the pioneering spirit logo