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The Mpumalanga Coat of Arms

Mpumalanga Coat of Arms

The symbolism of the provincial coat of arms 
  • The crest on top of the shield indicates the fact that this is a second sphere government.
  • The 3 rays on the crest are symbolising the rays of the rising sun and the peaks of the Mpumalanga Drakensberg.
  • The crest also incorporates the Barberton Daisy as the rising sun as well as black diamonds which are symbolic to the coal reserves in the Province.
  • The Barberton Daisy is an indigenous flower to the Province and is also one of our export products.
  • The angled portion of the shield with the gold above and green below is representing the escarpment - Highveld and  Lowveld.
  • The shield is supported by 2 kudus which is the most majestic and powerful antelope in the Province.
  • The motto "omnia labor vincit" translates into "Work Conquers all".
  • Gold -  represents mineral and industrial wealth.
  • Blue - represents water.
  • White -  represents reconciliation, peace, harmony and Unity.
  • Green - represents natural heritage, forestry and agriculture.