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Service Standards


Towards a strategic center for co-operative and good governance. To ensure equitable transformation in Mpumalanga and enhancement of the image of the Mpumalanga Provincial Government through the provision of advice and information, co-ordination, monitoring and support services

Service Standards

In achieving the vision and mission of the Office of the Premier in support to the entire Provincial Government, we commit and pledge ourselves to the following:

  • We will promote good working relationships among staff members
  • We will respond to written correspondence within seven working days from receipt, thereof.
  • We will observe official working hours (Monday to Friday) commencing work at 07:45 and ending at 16:15
  • We shall at times consult our Clients and allow for their participation by providing feedback on the impact and relevance of the services provided to them and also to participate in priority development to ensure maximum impact in service delivery.
  • We commit ourselves to making our services accessible and user-friendly to our Clients, and in particular to the previously marginalized sectors of society namely: the youth, women, people with disabilities, the aged, children, people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS and people living in rural areas.
  • We pledge that telephones will not ring more than three times and will be answered promptly.
  • We will at all times act in an efficient, effective, transparent and accountable manner and strive towards the creation and maintenance of a corrupt-free administration.
  • We commit ourselves to providing accurate, adequate, relevant information to our Clients regarding our services, opportunities through our various newsletters, other media and the publication of an annual report.
  • We will at all times be considerate and responsive to the needs of our Clients and we shall treat them with dignity and respect.
  • We shall provide our staff with the necessary resources and training to enable them to render the necessary quality services to our Clients
  • We will deal with complaints promptly and remedy mistakes in an accessible, speedy, fair confidential and responsive manner.
  • We will uphold, and act within, the applicable legal framework

Mpumalanga Provincial Government Service Charter and Service Standards