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Goals and Objectives

Strategic Goals

Stimulate robust and sustainable economic growth that would lead towards the reduction of poverty, unemployment, and inequalities by 2014.

Strategic Objectives

  • To provide efficient and effective administrative and strategic support service to the Department

  • To facilitate support and development of business enterprises

  • To ensure the participation of HDIs in the mainstream of the economy

  • Ensure growth in exports and direct investments in the Province

  • Ensure the development of competitive industries in the growth sector

  • Ensure industrial development in the Province

  • To create a platform to enhance sustainable tourism growth

  • To implement consumer protection and awareness strategies that creates environment conducive to fair trade

  • To ensure the coordination of relevant economic research

  • To contribute to the management of information and knowledge

  • To provide economic policies and strategies

  • To determine the effectiveness and impact of provincial policy and programme objectives and strategies


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