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Exco Lekgotla Cabinet Statement 2

21 June 2014

The Mpumalanga provincial government ended its three-day executive council Lekgotla today [Saturday, 21 June 2014] in Skukuza, where it was mapping a plan of action for the next five years.

The Lekgotla discussed the plans of the departments, state of finances of the municipalities, and the state of water, sanitation, housing, roads and electricity in the province. It further dealt with a Mpumalanga Vision 2030 Strategic Implementation framework.

Chaired by Mpumalanga Premier David Mabuza, the Lekgotla was attended by the members of the executive, mayors, heads of departments, chairperson of the provincial house of the traditional leaders, chief executive officers of public entities, municipal managers and some regional leaders of the national departments.

The Lekgotla reiterated a need by the provincial government to radically respond to the issues raised by the people as shortcomings during the buildup to the previous general elections. Again it agreed that stringent “belt-tightening” across the provincial government should urgently be implemented to redirect the resources to service delivery needs.

EXCO Lekgotla Resolutions

Mpumalanga Health Department placed under curatorship

The Lekgotla expressed dissatisfaction and concerns over the health system in the province that besides providing the requisite support and changing both the political and administrative leadership, the situation was worse as the system was nearing a total collapse.

The Lekgotla has since declared a state of emergency, thereby placing the department under the curatorship with immediate effect. The curator has been instructed to prioritise provision of food, linen and ensure waste management in all the provincial hospitals urgently.

Mpumalanga Premier David Mabuza is expected to meet with the chief executive officers of all the provincial hospitals this week to deal with intolerable mismanagement and other challenges perceived to be threatening the lives of the patients.

MTPA & MEGA boards disbanded

The Lekgotla also expressed dissatisfaction on the boards of both the Mpumalanga Economic Growth Agency and Mpumalanga Tourism Parks Agency respectively for their failure to focus and deliver on their mandates.

The Lekgotla have since disbanded both the boards, and have approved the process to initiate the appointment of new ones but ensure credibility and not individuals with political motives.

Mpumalanga House of Traditional Leaders to have a separate vote

In an effort to enhance the dignity of the traditional leaders in the province, the Lekgotla acknowledged that there was a need to benchmark with other provinces in the handling of the matters relating to the affairs of the traditional leaders.

After following all the necessary processes, matters of the traditional leaders will be dealt with by the provincial government at a departmental level, with the Mpumalanga House of the Traditional Leader having a separate vote and the head of the department.

Elijah Mango College of Education to be transferred to the University of Mpumalanga

The Lekgotla further resolved that the facilities of the former Elijah Mango College of Education be transferred to the University of Mpumalanga with immediate effect to accommodate the Faculty of Health. Current occupants at the college have been advised to find an alternative space.

Shutting down of tarvens near schools

The Lekgotla approved the shutting down of all tarvens that are near the schools with immediate effect in order to ensure that the school environment is free from alcohol.

Both the departments of education and community safety, security and liaison need to establish an integrated plan to rid schools of drugs and other foreign elements that negatively affect schooling.

Loaning of livestock discouraged

The Lekgotla further discourged the loaning of livestock in the bull and heifer programme by the Department of Argriculture, Rural Development, Land and Environmental Affairs to the small farmers that it was creating problems, rather the livestock should be donated to them.

Past speeches to be consolidated into booklet and donated to schools

The Lekgotla emphasised a need to upscale social cohesion and nation building initiatives. The Department of Cuture, Sports and Recreation was tasked to identify and lift programmes aimed at uniting and building the nation, to redress the fragmentation of the past.

As a drive to foster social integration, all speeches made in the past commemorative days should be collated and consolidated into a booklet and be donated to schools. Further, the department should utilise school sports and cultural activities as a springboard to foster unity and social cohesion amongst children from diverse races.

Strengthen communication with public

The Lekgotla identified lack of communication between communities and leaders as having contributed to the service delivery protests experienced by the province due to frustration and lack of information on service delivery. In an effort to bridge the gap, communication between leaders and communities will be intensified through electronic media [radio].

All members of the executive and the mayors are expected to interact with communities by giving constant feedback on government projects on radio every fortnight.

Meanwhile, Premier Mabuza said a decisive leadership would be needed in closing the communication gap between the leaders and the people.

Issued by Mr Zibonele Mncwango
Spokesperson: Mpumalanga Premier
Office of the Premier
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