Welcome to the Mpumalanga Provincial Government

Statement by Hon. Premier DD Mabuza on the new Executive Council of Mpumalanga Province


30 May 2014

Ladies and gentlemen,

I would like to thank you for attending today.

Yesterday’s inauguration was an important occasion which signified the beginning of the term of the new Administration under my leadership.

There is lot of work ahead to respond to the development and service delivery needs of the people of this Province.

I pointed out that we are ready move forward with speed and renewed sense of urgency in service to the millions of people in this Province who mandated the ANC to serve them for another five years

I am privileged to announce that I have assembled a team of men and women to form part of the Executive that will be tasked with leading and taking this Province to greater heights. I have confidence that their skills and experience will contribute immensely to our efforts of speeding up development and service delivery.

As part of strengthening the delivery machinery of government, we have decided to reorganise and restructure some of our departments in order to focus on those aspects of government work that require urgent attention. These changes are as follows:

• We have split the Department of Health and Social Services into two Departments with each having a dedicated MEC. We would to ensure that we give targeted focus on addressing challenges in our health care system as well as ensuring that we able to respond to social development challenges raised by the communities.

• We will have a new Department of Finance, Economic Development and Tourism

• The Environmental Services function in the current Department of Economic Development, Tourism and the Environment will be incorporated into the Department of Agriculture to form a new Department of Agriculture, Rural Development, Land and Environment Affairs.

• The other Departments will remain the same.

I thank you


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