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Executive Council Meeting

The Executive Council held its fortnightly meeting at Nelspruit in the Mbombela local municipality on Wednesday 20 April 2011.  

Acceleration of Infrastructure Payment Approval

The EXCO approved the Department of Public Works, Roads and Transport (DPWRT) infrastructure payment protocol that commits to processing of payment for service providers within 12 days instead of 30 days cycle. This will be realized through reconciliation of the quality control measures and the supply chain process by establishing a one stop Payment Approval Committee. The committee constituted by all stake holders from all participating department that meet to process every approval and payments on weekly basis.

Progress Report on the Implementation of the HIV Counseling and Testing (HCT) 

The EXCO noted the report by the Department of Health that Mpumalanga is expected to test 1 095 823 people during the 15 months period of the campaign which ends in June 2011. So far a total of 720 759 people have been pre-tested and counseled and 667 614 people actually tested for HIV. The testing rate is 93.3%. The Department of Health is to focus its efforts in the Nkangala District where the EXCO has noted a significant increase in new infections.  

In order to address the challenges of HCT the Department of Health intends to strengthen HCT outputs with outreach teams visiting farms, mine and informal settlements; strengthen relationships with faith based organizations, traditional health practitioners and local Aids councils to lobby for their active participation in HCT and medical male circumcision.

Regional Policy on the use of pesticides  

The EXCO noted a report from a delegation from the Department of Health who attended a regional conference on malaria in Ethiopia. It was indicated that the Mpumalanga malaria control programme is complying on pesticides and all waste is frequently collected by the supplier for disposal. South Africa is recognized as one of the leading countries in insecticide management control in Africa. Countries also appreciated the fact that South Africa uses its own resources to combat malaria while the rest of Africa uses international aid.  

The Executive Council approved the following appointments: 
  • The appointment of 14 persons to serve as members on the Mpumalanga Townships Board in terms of the Town Planning and Townships Ordinance, 1986 (Ordinance 15 of 1986). The term of office of the members of the Board has expired on 31 my 2010. The advertisements calling for the nominations to the Board were placed in April 2010 in the Mpumalanga News, Lowvelder, Mpumalanga Mirror and Middleburg Observer. The Board is responsible to hear appeal cases received from applicants who are aggrieved by the decisions of municipalities with the province.
  • The extension of the current term of members of the Development Tribunal and Development Appeal Tribunal which expired on the 31st December 2010. The extension until 18th June 2012 will give effect to the judgment of the Constitutional Court by ensuring the continuation of service delivery while new legislation is being drafted by the National Department of Rural Development and Land Reform.    
  • Mr. Roy Ledwaba to the post of director: secretariat to Mpumalanga Residential Tribunal in the Depart of Human Settlement. He is currently a board member of the Mpumalanga Geographical names Change Committee and also a member of the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency. He is a former municipal manager of Mkhondo municipality and is currently provincial chairperson of the SANCO in Mpumalanga.
  • Dr. DV Dlamini as the head of department of the Department of Economic Development, Environment and Tourism. He is in possession of master’s degree in applied economics and also a doctorate in agricultural economics. He is currently the executive manager and provincial head (at chief director level) for Statistics South Africa in Mpumalanga province.

The EXCO commended The Department of Agriculture, Rural Development and Land Administration (DARDLA) on the successful launch of the Comprehensive Rural Development Programme (CDRP) which took place on the 15 April 2011 at Senotlelo in the JS Moroka municipality.

The EXCO wishes all people in the province a happy Easter weekend and cautioned drivers to desist from drinking and driving; drivers must know that speed kills and "sivutha umlilo eMpumalanga"


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