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13 January 2015

Mpumalanga Premier David Mabuza today [Tuesday, 13 January 2015] gave what he described as a “life present”, an upmarket luxurious three-bedroom house, to the mother of the current Miss Mpumalanga, Natasha Dos Santos.

Speaking at the house handover ceremony in Tekwane outside Mbombela, Premier Mabuza explained that he donated a house built through his DD Mabuza Foundation after he was “touched” by Natasha’s story that regardless of being crowned Miss Mpumalanga in April last year, she came from a poor background and that her family lived in a shack on a mountainous area.

Ever since she won the 2014 provincial beauty contest, Natsha had never parked her car at their yard because the home was inaccessible; hence the Premier built them a house at a decent stand.

“I was touched by her [Miss Mpumalanga] attitude that regardless of the background, she was determined to win. As a provincial government we always ask her to go motivate the learners at the schools, but we needed to ensure that she spoke with confidence knowing that she had a better home.
“I thought we should give her mother the present of their life, she has managed to raise her children under the difficult circumstances. As for Miss Mpumalanga, she should continue to be the best role model; we are sending her to school to pursue her tertiary education, the DD Mabuza Foundation is giving her a bursary for free,” said Mabuza.

He added that the house was like “Freedom Day” to them.

“As from today, you will have a peaceful sleep knowing that you have the roof over your head and that you are secured. Today is your Freedom Day,” said Mabuza.

This was not the only house the Premier donated today. He gave another three-bedroom house to a single mother of nine children, Ms Joana Thabethe at Ngodini. The Premier thanked the sponsors of both houses saying they displayed a good gesture in changing the lives of others for the better.

“This is a basic problem in the country that as long as we have unstable families, we will not have a nation. In our case, we have broken families; therefore we do not expect a good society to emerge. Everywhere we go, we see struggling families, but we believe that one day we will conquer this war and we will have stable families.
“The impact which the sponsors have done is huge and is valuable, these families will now have their dignity restored. We are in the middle of this road, it is a long, hard, winding and painful journey, but today these families are stepping into their democracy,” said Mabuza.

The Premier urged other people to contribute in changing the lives of others instead of fighting amongst each other. He added that people should share their wealth in order to be blessing to others.

“We can only succeed when we are united and people will respect,” said Mabuza.

Both houses were financially sponsored and built by Deep Space Construction and Nemotcon Holdings as from November last year. Again both companies further donated school uniforms, furniture and food parcels.

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