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29 January 2015

Mpumalanga Premier David Mabuza has described the accusations against him that he was behind the disruption of a memorial lecture in Kanyamazane on Sunday as a “concerted effort” by his detractors to derail him from the strategic leadership task at hand.

Addressing a press conference in Mbombela today [Thursday, 29 January 2015], Premier Mabuza said there were people who were planning his downfall, those people were hell-bend to become the leaders of the ANC and to become the premiers of the province.

“Ever since I ascended to this position as Premier of the province, there were a string of allegations against me. I was called a corrupt person, called killer and I am called a spy.
“For me to be the provincial ANC Chairperson I was not just dropped from heaven, I have worked hard through the ranks of the government and of the ANC, but because I am ANC Chairperson and I am Premier, today I am called with names.
“The moment I ascended as Chairperson of the ANC and Premier, the first thing that happened, there was fire in this province. There was smoke; there were service delivery protests all over. We investigated and made our conclusion.
“This is a concerted effort of people who have got an uncontrollable desire to the lead the ANC and I am clear in my mind that all these things that are said about me, they are not said because these people hate me, these people are all hell bend to lead the ANC that I am also leading and to be premiers of the province,” said Mabuza.

He added that the ANC was no longer fighting for liberation since it was already in power, however access to power was in question. People were fighting for positions.

“A group of people that are a common denominator are known, even the person who called me a spy this time came out, this is a blessing because all along everything was happening under the carpet.
“This time I am prepared to take this matter to the final end, to clean the province from this string of lies, and people meeting in darkness planning my downfall. I am not here by a mistake, I was chosen by the people and I am going to focus,” said Mabuza.

He explained that there was no problem between the ANC and the SACP in Mpumalanga, but the problem was about Mr Bonakele Majuba within the SACP.

“Every time he opens his mouth, he would insult me. He has called me a corrupt person, a killer and a spy. I am trying to establish this leader of the SACP, some of the things he is doing are personal, he hates with passion. I have refused to be drawn into that because I have a responsibility to lead the people.
“Hatred can destroy you as a person, it will eat you like cancer, personally I sleep peacefully in the evening because I am able to push aside the things that are irrelevant and focus on what is relevant. This is a group of people that hate me, and I cannot help them, this will develop into a mental disorder,” said Mabuza.

The Premier further lashed at Mbombela journalists saying some of them were unfortunately meeting with those people at night and they accepted bribes and wrote about the things they knew were not true.

“Without really attacking your integrity, some of you [journalists], you meet at night with those people, I have evidence, do not compromise your duty, some of you are in politics yet you are journalists, you always write biased and you cannot be genuine.
“What have I done to you, why this concerted evil and bad heart? You can’t pretend I am naïve and I don’t see what is happening, I am a leader of the province, I know every detail, but to keep the province united, I have to contain certain things. My call is that let us be honest in our actions and build this country together,” said Mabuza.

He has again urged those with information about the “so called political killings” to come forward and present it to the police in order for this matter to find a recourse.

With regards to the spy allegations, the Premier reiterated that he had written to the Minister of State Security to investigate, wrote to the officials of the ANC asking the President to institute the commission of enquiry and that he had opened a criminal case against Mr Phosa.

“The way I understand and respect comrade Phosa, I think I should have been the first person to be asked about the document. This person used to be my brother, he is my father, he brought me up, but what is happening right now is very strange,” said Mabuza.

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