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Premier Mabuza thanks church for hosting ANC event

01 June 2014

Mpumalanga Premier David Mabuza has publicly thanked a Mbombela-based charismatic church, Church on the Hill, for hosting the ANC fundraising dinner which was part of the activities building up to the annual January 8 ANC Rally.

Premier Mabuza honoured the church’s invitation on Saturday [31 May 2014] following an ordination of its founder Mxolisi Lephoko to a position of an Apostle.

Mabuza said he owed a “big Thank you” to the church for hosting a well over 1000 dignitaries free of charge who had converged in the city when the ANC launched its 2014 election Manifesto.
“I am here to report back that the leadership of the ANC was very happy of your good and touching gesture. Praise the Lord; indeed as the ANC we have crossed the river in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
“We are more stronger now, even more wiser and we are full of energy to lead this nation again. We believe that God will be with us as we undertake this long journey.
“We are grateful to your prayers and we fully understand the task and the responsibility at hand, and we will do our level best to do what we are supposed to do,” said Mabuza.

He said the church lent a hand when the ANC was in need and he had subsequently accepted the invitation solely for that reason. He added that the Mpumalanga provincial government would continue to work with the religious fraternity including the Church on the Hill.

“I am not surprised that immediately after taking an oath, I am invited to church, by the way I was born in church and named David because the sermon on the day was about David. I am therefore here to get more strength.
“We would like to convey our sincere thanks to the entire church for hosting us, indeed it was not a mistake that the ANC came back home as it was formed by amongst others the religious leaders.
“We understand that leaders do not impose themselves, but they are chosen by God, and there is no other force on earth that will do anything to the ANC and its leaders unless God has permitted it,” said Mabuza.

He said the leadership of the ANC in government would always rely on the prayers of the church at large as they do their work. He emphasized that the church was noticeably growing day-by-day and it was not because of the wisdom of the religious leaders but the will of God.

He told a high profiled-packed church that government would be travelling at a higher speed in delivering the services to the people.

“We are continuing this journey, this time it is going to be hard and faster. There is no time; people need the services like yesterday. To whoever is a public representative, I am saying hands on deck. The trust people have given to the ANC is not misplaced.
“We believe that this liberation movement is time-tested at this time and we are not going to disappoint. We have already lost three months due to the elections, but we are ready and we are equal to the task,” said Mabuza.

The Premier has since pledged to make his personal contribution to the Church on the Hill for the next three months for its normal weekly operations.

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