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01 May 2021

May Day is a crucial day to honor and celebrate the protracted struggles for workers’ rights and social justice in the world and in our country. May Day marks a special day to remember those workers who made supreme sacrifices for the cause of freedom in our country.

Today we celebrate Worker's Day in a free country, where workers rights are protected by our progressive constitution and the basic condition of employment legislation.

May Day 2021 comes in a year where we celebrate the 150th commemoration of the birth of uMama Charlotte Maxeke, a Gallant African woman and an intellectual who remains a perennial source of inspiration to our generation. A generation called upon to advance the struggle towards a new world of female emancipation, parity and excellence against all odds.

As we commemorate May Day, let us be reminded that we have a duty to advance the cause to realize the rights of all vulnerable workers including the rights of farm workers, farm dwellers, domestic workers, mineworkers and workers in the public sector.

On this day we also pay homage to the millions of ordinary workers across the length and breadth of Mpumalanga, who have continued to serve Mpumalanga during this dreadful COVID-19 Pandemic.

In honoring them lets keep up the fight against COVID-19; lets observe the COVID-19 Regulations, sanitize, wash our hands regularly, exercise social distancing and always wear a mask.

As we celebrate Worker's Day, let us remember the historic call made by the great teacher of the working class Karl Marx in the Communisist Manifesto when he asserted, “Workers of the World, Unite. You have nothing to lose but your chains!”.


Issued by Sibongile Mkani-Mpolweni
Spokesperson: Mpumalanga Provincial Government - Office of the Premier
Tel: (013) 766 2453
Mobile: 082 967 2138
E-mail: mpolwenis@prem.mpg.gov.za

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