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14 January 2021

  1. The Premier of Mpumalanga has noted, with great concern, the growing discontent across the Province surrounding allegations of malfeasance and nepotism in the processes associated with the 2021 intake at the Mpumalanga traffic college.

  2. “Ever since I was tasked with the responsibility of leading the Mpumalanga Provincial government, I made a sacrosanct commitment to clean and transparent governance as well advancing the interests of the downtrodden amongst our people, especially the youth.” Said the Premier.

  3. The Premier further stated that “having seen first-hand, the impact COVID- 19 has had on the Provincial economy, it has been my responsibility to ensure that we work tirelessly in order for the Provincial government, through all its Departments and Agencies, steers the process of creating fair and equitable employment opportunities for the youth of Mpumalanga in order to aid our war against the triple challenges of poverty, unemployment and inequality, which are exacerbated by the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

  4. This, amongst other factors, informed the decision by Cabinet to avail resources to facilitate the intake of students at the traffic college for the 2021 calendar year.”

  5. Following numerous complaints of manipulation of processes in the build-up to the intake of learners at the traffic college, the Premier convened a meeting with the Department of Community Safety, Security and Liaison on Wednesday 13 January 2021.

  6. “I was disappointed to learn in the meeting that proper due diligence had not been done by the Department in relation to some of the material requirements that had to be met by prospective applicants.

  7. With this in mind and considering that the 2021 intake of students was a disproportional reflection of the geographic make up of Mpumalanga, I have come to the conclusion that the process undertaken by the Department was procedurally and fatally flawed.

  8. As a result, the process, in its entirety has been nullified and will recommence with proper and effective due diligence that shall be overseen and verified by independent recruitment specialists. In essence all 32000 applicants will undergo the process of evaluation.” said the Premier.

  9. The Premier further stated that those that had originally applied need not apply again as their records are already in the possession of the Department of Community Safety, Security and Liaison.

  10. The Premier has extended her sincere appreciation to MEC VR Shongwe, in his capacity as the Leader of Government Business, MEC Shabalala as well as representatives of organised labour for aiding and guiding the process towards a fair and justifiable conclusion.

  11. The Premier concluded by extending an apology to the multitudes of young people that had been marginalised by circumstances not of their making “Nobody will deny the children of Mpumalanga opportunities to better the quality of their lives and not face consequences.”

Issued by Sibongile Mkani-Mpolweni
Spokesperson: Mpumalanga Premier
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